BBQ Pulled Goose



  • 2-4 Goose Breasts
  • Apple Cider
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • Cut up apples (optional)
  • BBQ Sauce of your choice
  • Fresh Deli Rolls
  • Slow Cooker/Crockpot


  1. Trim the goose breast of the silver skin, try to get all the BBs out, and let them sit over night submerged in salt water in your fridge. This pulls the blood out
  2. The next morning throw the breasts in your crockpot and add apple cider, the breasts should be covered about half way with the apple cider
  3. Add about one cup of your favorite BBQ sauce
  4. Add your Salt and Pepper - I wing this... get it?!!
  5. I sometimes will dice up a fresh apple and add the chunks - taking the skin off is best
  6. Turn the slow cooker on Low and let it sit for the day
  7. When you come home, drain any excess juices, pull the meat until it is shredded
  8. Add your BBQ sauce and slap a load on your fresh roll!

This is one of my favorite ways to eat goose! It is super quick, easy, and delicious! Enjoy

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