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The retriever industry has evolved immensely in the last ten years and one of the major product advancements has been within the E-collar industry! There are several leading brands, but we, at Lone Duck, choose to use, promote, and sell Dogtra products! I was lucky enough to share a few minutes with Dogtra’s Senior Consultant, Pete Fischer. Pete was generous with his time and answered my many questions about himself, his company, and the products they innovate.

 Bob: Pete, Tell me a little bit of your background in retriever training and your role at Dogtra. How long have you been with them?

 Pete: I started in the dog world by working for a local veterinarian back in the late 70’s as a Vet Tech. After a few years, I was lucky to snag a job working for a local retriever trainer, Lawrence Martens. Lawrence is now in the retriever trainers Hall of Fame!  After a year or so at the Vet clinic, I struck out on my own and started my own retriever training and breeding service. In 2001, I started doing some Field Staff work for Dogtra Company.  In 2009, after 30 years of running my own business, I had the opportunity to sell the business and work for Dogtra. 

 Here is a link to learn more about Lawrence:

 Bob: In your opinion, what makes Dogtra a great choice for the retriever community?

 Pete: I think the durability of an e-collar is a huge factor for any working dog trainer.  

Less than 5% of our units are returned in the first year for breakage… which is outstanding when you think about the demanding conditions these units go through.  

 Bob: How does innovation and new designs become a reality? Do your Pro Staff members give a lot of feedback? 

 Pete: Yes- we have a 200 person field staff of professionals and serious amateur trainers that we use for product ideas and also for development and testing. There is no better place to get feedback and do product testing than with people that work with dogs each and every day. 

 Bob: What are the new products from Dogtra?

 Pete: The Edge RT unit and the ARC were released in 2014 and have been very successful.  

 Bob: Tell me about The Arc. What are the features and benefits that would make a new trainer or veteran pick this product over the others?

 Pete: The slim collar-receiver makes this unit very popular.  You can barely notice the unit on the dog, which means it is less apt to snag on debris when the dog is working in the field or in the water.  

 Bob: Same question but for the Edge RT

 Pete: The RT unit has what we call, “combination buttons.” This allows the trainer can change stimulation on the fly without looking at the transmitter.  We have found that many professionals like this style transmitter because of the “no look” feel and bigger transmitter. It is a very versatile unit!

 Bob: Which product do you use with your dogs?

 Pete: I actually use every Dogtra product in my training.  I do all the early product testing on new prototype units and also do the long-term testing on new units.  So on any given day, I might use a couple different units.  

 Pete’s love for the retriever community and knowledge of the products we trainers use is uncanny. I’m truly thrilled to be able to provide the Lone Duck community with such quality products. If you have any questions on Dogtra Company’s products or would like help picking out the best choice for you and your gun dog, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me at:

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