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Gunner's Food Crate Review

A few weeks ago, I received Gunner’s dog food crate in the mail and right away, I knew this was going to be a long term solution to a problem I’ve been having for years. Before I get into the food crate, let’s rewind a little and talk about some of the problems I was having in the past.

I used to store my dog food in a thin, plastic storage container that you’d normally stuff old clothes into and forget about them in your basement. It was fine but I couldn’t travel with it because I kept tossing it into my truck and it’d crack from bouncing around. Obviously, that means moisture could seep in, dog kibble could fall out (sometimes pour out and make a giant mess and waste dog food), etc. Basically, it was a pretty poor system and frustrating to constantly deal with. I know our buddy, Addison, had similar frustrations with how he stored dog food and bam… now the world has an awesome dog food storage container.

Now, let’s chat about this dog food crate. This bad boy is sturdy and I can toss it (literally) into the bed of my truck without having to worry about it cracking, leaking, spilling or exploding kibble everywhere. I believe they have it built like their gun dog kennels where it’s rotomolded, made in America and designed to be beat up and survive. It even has a little clip you can snap onto the mouth of the lid so dogs or other critters can’t get inside for a little snack. It’s pretty impressive looking at all the features and how much thought and energy went into crafting this dog food storage container.

At our kennel, we exclusively feed all of our dogs Eukanuba’s Performance Dog Food. Their food comes in giant bags and I’m able to empty the entire bag into the dog food crate, so it’s pretty convenient.

Personally, I’ve learned the lesson “buy nice, not twice” and that certainly applies to this food crate. Yes, it’s an investment but Gunner provides a lifetime warranty for it so I’ll be using this with my current and future dogs and I’m not worried about it cracking, buying a new container, wasting food, etc. and that all adds up. If you’re going to spend a lot of your time and resources on buying a good hunting dog, spending years training it, fueling the dog properly and taking extremely good care of it, then it’s worth the investment in the best dog food crate.

Some highlights that I like:

  • Even when it’s filled with dog food, it’s easy to carry

  • I love the locking system for the lid to keep out nosey dogs

  • The whole food crate is waterproof, so I can easily transport water

  • It has feet on the bottom (like their kennels) so it doesn’t slide around in the bed of my truck when I travel

  • It takes a lot for me to trust any product on behalf of my dogs and I trust this

  • Made in America, babayyy

Some highlights that could be better:

  • Yup, the price is steep (but worth it)

  • It can be cumbersome to fill with food each month, so I tip it on it’s back and the food slides in way better



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