Versa Launcher 2 Shooter

One of the best tools for training your retriever!

The Versa-Launch from Retriev-R-Trainer lets you remotely launch dummies accurately and easily with distances ranging from 100' to 200' by using different power loads and dummies. The Versa-Launch base can accommodate up to 8 launcher tubes that are individually adjustable vertically and can also be rotated 360 degrees. Base dimensions: 18" x 21" x 1.5" Some Assembly Required - Dogtra RR Deluxe or equivalent electronics sold separately. Single Shot Includes: Versa Launch launcher base, Receiver stand, 2 Launcher tubes, 2 RRT dummy launchers, 2 RRT white canvas launcher dummy, 1 Box of 100 blank medium power loads, 2 Tube connector cable, Release system cable, Polarity adapter, Shoulder strap, Operator manual, Manufactured in the USA

  1. Versa Launch launcher base
  2. Receiver stand
  3. 2 launcher tubes
  4. 2 RRT dummy launchers
  5. 2 RRT white canvas launcher dummies
  6. 2 boxes of 100 blank light power loads
  7. 2 tube connector cables
  8. Release system cable
  9. Polarity adapter
  10. Shoulder strap
  11. Operator manual
  12. 1 year manufacturer warranty