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"Sharing your passion for the unspoken bond"

Joe Overby


I grew up in Ga in a family where hunting is a way of life. That passion for hunting fueled the desire for me to own a lab. Not just any lab though, it had to be capable of picking up birds from the dove fields down home to ducks in the rice in Arkansas to pheasants in the hills of South Dakota. It was no small order and to make things more difficult, it had to be chocolate. My dreams were realized in 2001 after searching for almost an entire year. I named him Hooch and we never looked back. Now, 11 years later, he has achieved more than I ever dreamed of. He gave me the foundation needed to train detection dogs for the USMC and has allowed me to run numerous hunt tests across the country. Because of him and the experience he gave me I decided to start Candler Creek Retrievers. Since starting Candler Creek Retrievers in Ga in 2010 we have been truly blessed with the opportunity to train some remarkable dogs both as hunt test competitors and accomplished gun dogs. We have titled numerous HRCH and MH dogs and have several HRC Grand passes. We take pride in producing high quality hunting retrievers that will serve our clients both in the field and on the line for many years. I truly believe that life is too short to hunt with an unfinished retriever.


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