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"Sharing your passion for the unspoken bond"

Greg McGuffin


I grew up on a farm in southwest Oklahoma, milking cows and raising alfalfa hay. My earliest and fondest outdoor memories are fishing in Lake Burtschi, a local 300 acre lake a half mile from the family farm. My Grandfather and I fished every summer afternoon as long as it wasn’t raining, most of the time we fished with worn out rods and reels and his home made catfish dough bait. When winter arrived we quail hunted, duck hunted and deer hunted. I was the luckiest kid in the world, I didn’t even have to leave the farm to go hunting or fishing. My first dog was a GSP, I got Agnes when I was 10 years old, I never trained her but she had natural talent. I would take my dads dog, Clyde and my dog Agnes out and we would hunt all day. We literally started hunting about 100 yards from the back door and could walk a mile kicking up several coveys of quail and doing the best I could to fill my daily bag limit with my single shot 20 guage. I grew up and left the farm for college then got the “real” job. I had outgrown my life of hunting and fishing to live the American dream. In all my years of duck hunting I had never hunted over a real gun dog. Sure my buddies had labs that we screamed at most of the time as they broke and flared birds. In 2003 I hunted with a dear friend of mine named Eric Fortenberry, who later passed away at the much too young age of 30 years. He had a dog named Max that in his retirement still lives with Eric’s mother today. Max was an amazing dog, he didn’t have a title but he ran finished level blinds and multiple marks. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Six months later I went to my first Super Retriever Series event in Miami Oklahoma at the Retriever Academy. After watching those dogs I had to have one. I found a lab, nothing fancy but from some good gun dog breeding. I trained her myself and got involved in HRC hunt Tests. She completed her SHR Title and she passed two seasoned tests. I later bought my second dog, Jenna… She was my first finished dog and I still hunt her today. Friends noticed how good my dogs were and they began to ask me to train for them. We would throw a couple of extra dogs in the back yard of our urban home in Tulsa and I would train in the evenings and on the weekends. In 2010 we moved back to Stratford, OK and started the process of building 3B Retrievers. The 3B in 3B retrievers represents my three kids, Bailey, my oldest and only Daughter, Brant, my oldest son and Head Trainer and Barrett my youngest son and assistant obedience trainer. In 2013 we built our first set of outdoor kennels that could hold 12 dogs. In 2015 we built our new 40 by 60 indoor kennel facility and we now have the capacity to kennel 30 dogs. Our business is a family business We mostly focus on HRC events and HRC titles for our dogs but compete in and help put on Super Retriever Series Events. I couldn’t be more proud to have a business where both my boys can work and I couldn’t be more proud of the job they do.


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