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"Sharing your passion for the unspoken bond"

Corey Smith


Corey grew up in a small town in NE SC. His love for hunting was developed at a very young age where he was the bird dog picking up the doves his dad would shoot. Dogs and hunting were always a part of his families lives. Later in life, he found his passion for waterfowl hunting and having a well trained dog to pick up ducks. He was then introduced to hunt test and after receiving his first ribbon, he was hooked. He then had to know how to build the finished retriever. Years later, after reading every book, watching all the DVDs, and learning from different pros; he decided to open up C & M Retrievers. This took place in 2013 and he hasn’t looked back since. With hard work, dedication, and God's grace; he is able to do what he loves every day.


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