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"Sharing your passion for the unspoken bond"

Clark Kennington


The story about Kennington Retrievers is much like your story. It started with a dog. All I wanted was a meat dog. At least, that's what I thought I wanted. I just didn't know what I had standing in front of me in the form of this fur ball of a puppy who never seemed to want to stop chasing things. I thought I was looking at a puppy. I had no idea I was looking into the eyes of a world class athlete. ​However, Max taught me that champions are built, not born. We've written chapters in the storyline of my life, and we've done it together. Max has been awarded every title in the hunt test world that a retriever can win. Max is more than a dog. Max changed my story. ​Together, we created the narrative about Kennington Retrievers and it's a story that is being told in the hearts of the retrievers our staff trains every single day. Building Retrievers That Change Your Life… - Clark Kennington


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