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"Sharing your passion for the unspoken bond"

K9 Contenders


K9 Contenders - Representing The Best Our Sport Has To Offer (K9C) is a trusted resource that facilitates relationships and connects sporting dog lovers with proven professionals and each other in a way that enhances the experience for every interested party in finding, developing and owning a dog. Founder Stewart Clay has studied the sporting dog industry for over 20 years. Through his experience training dogs and the founding of K9C, he has developed a keen sense of what owners or potential owners are looking for when investing in dogs. “Potential buyer clients of K9C want more reliable information. They want verification that professional trainers are truly that, professional and the best at their craft. They want assurance that puppies have been properly bred and possess the health and characteristics important to them. Most importantly, they want guidance from someone who understands the industry and has experience navigating the world of sporting dogs to guide them”. Whether you are looking for the highest quality puppies, industry professionals, breeding dogs or trained dogs for sale - K9C can help you find those that best match your needs.


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