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"Sharing your passion for the unspoken bond"

The Unspoken Bond Poem [Back to Stories]


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Unspoken Bond – by Cam Pauli, Editor at North American Duck Hunter


The Man kisses his wife

After he rises from bed

Then slips off into the darkness

No words need to be said


For she knows what calls him

Those cold winds and dark shores

They’ve always made his heart sing

And regularly renew his spirit once more


Their Dog diligently waits

As the Man’s coffee brews

Nine years they’ve shared a skiff together

For this Dog, it’s nothing new


The excitement builds

In both of their chests

Man and Dog know a lot

But this is what they know best


They pull out of the drive

With plenty of time before first light

Headlights slicing through the snow

Coming down from the north with might


Gravel crunches under the tires

As they pull over to the side of the road

Within their souls burns a desire

Keeping the warmth within from going cold


The canoe slips into the river

Like an wary otter from shore

Many scratches adorn her bottom

From seasons spent here before


The paddle softly breaks the waters surface

Making the only audible sound

As the pair navigates the blackness

A map of the streambed in the Man’s mind can be found


Twenty minutes passed

And two portages later

The Man jumps out of the canoe

Icy water grips his waders


He tosses out the blocks with care

Taking all factors into consideration

For they lay the framework for

The winged beasts’ final destination


Sitting amongst the dancing cattails

Cold air batters the Man’s face

He thinks quietly to himself, reflecting

No better substitute for solitude than this place