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Big News for Lone Duck Outfitters! 


I’m super excited to announce that the Lone Duck crew is moving to Hartsville, South Carolina! I will be training young gun dogs with my good friend, Rhett Riddle, owner of Bay Creek Kennels. Rhett is an exceptional retriever trainer and has offered Buck, Memphis and myself an opportunity we could not pass up!


While Rhett focuses on advanced gun dog work and the field trial and hunt test game, I will be developing young dogs for his program. I will be working with the dogs and teaching them obedience, force fetch, collar conditioning and gearing them up for hunting season. That’s the stuff I LOVE! Teaching a dog to work out of a boat, off dog stands, around decoys, duck calls, and gunfire is my expertise. I enjoy watching their natural instincts develop and I love seeing the smile on an owner’s face when they see their dog progress with training! 


Rhett and I have big plans for more training videos and blog articles, which will be designed to help the DIY retriever trainer build a dog they will love to share the blind with. This opportunity will not only allow me to chase my dreams of dog training on a full-time basis, but it will also give Lone Duck the opportunity to grow and advance within the industry. We will be developing a lot of new and exciting gear for our community! 


I’ve worked for four years to build Lone Duck to where it is today and I’m pumped to move down South where the retriever game is top notch! Thank you all for being part of the process and sharing this journey with my dogs and I! I’m blessed and thankful for this opportunity!





***If you would like Rhett and I to work with your dog, please don’t hesitate to shoot me a phone call or email. I will be arriving in South Carolina August 15th and will begin working with the dogs as soon as my boots hit the ground!