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Dove Poppers [Back to Recipes]


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Each Dove Popper = 1 full Dove


You will need the following:

- Dove Breasts - as many as you want! I ate 8 or 10 last night

- A brick of Cream Cheese

- Delicious Bacon

- Sliced Jalepeno Peppers, you choose the heat intensity - we pick "tame"

- Garlic powder and other seasonings of choice

- Tooth Picks

- Hot Grill



- Take two dove breasts and lay them out on a clean cooking surface

- Place one or two jalepeno slices on one of the breasts

- Take a knife and cut yourself a decent slice of cream cheese, the length of the breast and about a quarter inch thick

- Place the other breast on top and wrap that sandwich looking masterpiece with your bacon

- Wrap the bacon tight and stick two or three toothpicks to hold it all together

- Place the Popper on a cooking tray and repeat with the rest of the doves

- Then sprinkle garlic powder and seasonings on top of your poppers and get ready to place them on the hot grill

- Cook the Poppers until the bacon browns and is cooked to your liking


Pull them off the grill and enjoy!